About us


We go beyond just building a house, instead we create a home that will elevate your lifestyle. We are a company that prides itself on our sustainable builds. With our vast range of knowledge and experience, at PassiveForm we want to help you build a home you will love.

We’ve been specialising in constructing luxury houses for a number of years. With specific German Passivhaus training and accreditation PassiveForm is one of the first to be delivering exceptional Passive homes to Melbourne and Victoria.
We look forward to turning your dream home into reality.


PassiveForm build homes that will elevate our clients lifestyles. A sustainable home that works with our environment for a better future. Delivering healthy and beautiful homes, unique to each customer’s needs.


PassiveForm are are working towards a future where healthy and eco-friendly homes are the new normal. Our vision is to build healthy homes that will last for generation.

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