What is "Passiv Haus"?

What are the benefits of a PassiveForm House?

The benefits of a Passiveform house

A PassiveForm, thermally efficient home, results in a healthier lifestyle, cheaper electricity bill, reduced emissions, and that’s just the beginning of the benefits! We offer both fully accredited or partial Passive homes. A partial Passive home uses similar principles and systems as a Passive home, without the strict need for a Passive home accreditation, for projects both big and small.

A Healthy Home

With a state of the art air ventilation system you’re able remove general allergens, dust pollutants and bacteria within your home. You’ll now have fresh and pristine filtered air all year long, and never have to compromise your comfort.

Superior Quality

With experience in architectural builds we want to work with you to create a house you’ll love living in but, also a home that’s built to last. With high-end materials and attention to details, we pride ourselves in building luxury homes that outperform in comfort and liveability. 

No heating or cooling required

Ideally you’d want a cool house in the summer and a warm house in the winter, and that’s exactly what we at PassiveForm offer. A Passive home or even partially passive home, helps to regulate the temperature of your home to maximise comfort all year round. A PassiveForm house is extremely low-maintenance, helping  to save you money in the future.

Low energy costs

A PassiveForm home is a sustainable and eco-friendly home. With reduced energy consumption you’ll decrease your energy bills and the amount of carbon emissions your household produces. This is a benefit not only for you financially but for the environment too. Furthermore, a Passive or partially passive home will greatly increase a property’s resale value.