Passive Homes

What is a passive home?

What is a passive home?

A Passive house is a building standard and concept created in Germany. It is a thermally efficient house that provides healthy, comfortable and sustainable homes through a variety of construction and design concepts.


Many modern home owners and pioneers of green energy are looking to passive homes to reduce their carbon footprint. Key features within a Passive Home allows them to be truly energy efficient throughout both the warmest and coldest months of the year. We work specifically with your environment to create a space that will need little to no heating or cooling throughout all season, all year.


We offer both complete Passive homes or, partial Passive homes that draw inspiration from the technology and ideas of a thermally efficient and healthy home. Below are the key features and benefits of a Passive home.


Avoiding Thermal Bridging
Little to no thermal bridging is important in a thermally efficient home as it is a weak spot within the home’s insulation. By utilising continued insulation, temperatures throughout an entire house will be even and consistent, negating the need for heating and cooling throughout the entire year


Airtightness is also an important part of regulating the temperature inside a house. To achieve an airtight envelope we use only the best materials and test to ensure the house meets the Passive home criteria to be awarded its rigorous certification. Airtightness is necessary for the installation of the Heat Recovery ventilation system.


Heat Recovery Ventilation System
This HRV system means you wont need to open windows for fresh air to circulate within your home. This HRV system filters a house’s air, so there is a constant inflow of fresh air, allowing for pristine indoor air quality. The HRV works through a heat exchanger that cools or heats the incoming air via the air that is leaving the house. The system work’s whether windows are open or shut.


Healthy Living
The Heat Recovery System means you and your loved ones will be living in a healthy home, always breathing in fresh and clean air. The state of the art HRV system also eliminates air pollutants, bacteria, mould and general allergens.

Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency is the way of the future. With a Passive home you’ll be reducing both your energy consumption and your carbon footprint by roughly 80-90%. Looking towards a happier and healthier future for you, your family and generations to come.


Reduced Expenses
Saving money on energy consumption and upkeep is something that Passive home owners can look forward to. Passive homes and energy efficient homes are built to last. The durability, low- maintenance and reduced cost will mean you can spend your time and money on things that are important to you.


The first step of the process is the evaluation of the site location. We consider door and window orientation so the house will be open to natural light.

Windows and Doors
It is important that Passive house is well insulated from all aspects. That is why we use the highest grade low-emissivity triple glazed windows and doors with thermally broken or non-metal frames.

Sky Lights
Sky lights are a great way to provide natural light in a home. Sun lights brighten rooms that usually don’t have windows, such as laundries, walk in wardrobes or pantries. Sky lights reduce the need for lights and help reduced overall energy consumption.