Why we build Passive Homes

We build beautiful, energy efficient, healthy homes.

Our clients’ happiness is important to us, that is why we specialise in building beautiful, energy efficient, healthy homes. Environmental sustainability is at the core of our business. We build houses that are energy and thermally efficient, reducing not only our clients carbon footprints, but also their future costs. A Passive home is an investment into you and your loved ones future.
Air Quality
Fresh and pristine air flows through your home all year round
We build homes that will be with you and your family for generations
Environmentally Friendly
We work with nature to help you live comfortably and reduce your carbon footprint
Passivehome's on average, reduce a households energy consumption and bills by 80-90%!
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Passive homes are the future of housing

A Passive house can be described as a specific building science. There are 5 key components to a Passive house, the heat recovery ventilation system, airtightness, superior windows and doors, installation, and avoiding all thermal bridging. These are considered when creating the plans and deciding on the orientation of the house. Using specific calculations the 5 factors work together to create a sustainable house, offering the best in comfort and healthy living. 

There are currently over 50,000 homes built to the Passive Home accreditation standard, mainly in Europe. At PassiveForm we want to continue to build Passive and energy efficient homes in Australia, so you can experience the fascinating and incredible benefits first-hand, right in your own home. 

Passive House explained